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Lesbomancy CH2
"I really appreciate you taking me back home." Angela thanked on their way to her place.
"Sure thing!" Tracer tried to act as cheerfully as she could, looking out of the cab's window. But in truth, she wasn't feeling the Halloween spirit anymore.
"Did you like the party?" Mercy asked, too drunk to register that Tracer arrived at the very ending.
"It was fun." Lena assured mechanically, not bothering with correcting her friend. "Too bad Winston couldn't come."
"Neither could Genji."
"We're here." The driver cut in, parking in front of Angela's apartment building.
"I got this." Lena assured, fishing out a few crumpled bills from under her costume. "No, really. It's fine." She emphasized, just as Mercy was about to protest. "You'll pay for lunch next time or something."
"At least come up for… uh… tea." Angela offered, avoiding the topic of alcohol. She had enough for tonight. "Unless you want to head home?"
"No, no! I'd love to!" Lena accepted the offer with relief.
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Lesbomancy CH1
"Cheers, loves! The alcohol is here! And sorry I'm late." Big Ben announced, entering the room straight out of the October chill
Well, not the actual Big Ben, but Tracer, dressed as the monument. Her chronal accelerator, protruding under the cylindrical costume, illuminated the face of the clock, both dials set on 12.
"Nice." Ana praised, taking sacks with bottles from the new guest. "You come on right in, everyone's here."
"Hey, Jesse! Guess what time it is? " She asked McCree (who for this occasion dropped the cowboy getup for a monster hunter costume), pointing at the two dials on her chest.
"Midnight!" She cut in, giving him her signature giggle. "What's with all the glass?" She asked, noticing the shards that weren't cleared out yet.
"Reyes made his grand entrance." Jesse explained with a snicker. "Should have seen the look on Rein's face."
The bash was at that stage where guests divide into small groups and scatter all over the house. But that didn't discourage Lena
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Nightcall CH2
"So it's a chase. Good." He purred excited, following her as a cloud of pure shadow and smoke. He was glad this wasn't going to be that easy. The doc always had her wits about her, so cornering her without effort would be just insulting.
Ziegler made the fatal mistake of looking over her shoulder. That moment of hesitation was enough for the black cloud to reach her. The darkness pulled her in, smothering, suffocating, sucking the life out of her.
"Never!" She protested, channeling her staff with light. The darkness retreated with a growl. The sound made her stomach tighten.
Regaining her composure, she floated a few meters away. Meanwhile, the black cloud morphed into a human form, but it was still ethereal from the waist down. The only point of brightness was an ominous skeletal mask, faintly resembling an owl.
"You look like you've seen a ghost." He said, amused by the immediate effect he had on people. His voice sounded gritty with a faint echo - indeed like a ghost. Immediately he
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Nightcall CH1
Los Angeles. A multicultural wonder of entertainment and glitz. Energetic, exciting… and a bit too loud for Angela's taste. But duty, not leisure, called her here. She came to the City of Angels for a movie premiere, the Six-Gun Killer. There was nothing remarkable about the movie itself, but rather its director - an omnic. Given that an omnic advocate of peace between humans and machines was recently assassinated in London, things were tense.
This was not official Overwatch business, as there was no Overwatch to speak of. Six years ago, when the Swiss Headquarters and the organization went to hell... No, there was no point in dwelling on ancient history. She was here unofficially, as a courtesy to a colleague she had in UN diplomacy.
Thankfully, the premiere went without an incident. After a courtesy drink with Hal-Fred Glitchbot doctor Ziegler, also known as Mercy, returned to her hotel room. Meeting the director was an interesting experience, but duty called again - she was ne
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BMF by theAirie BMF :icontheairie:theAirie 16 2 Perfect Harmony by theAirie Perfect Harmony :icontheairie:theAirie 18 3 the Gangrel Squat by theAirie the Gangrel Squat :icontheairie:theAirie 8 1
Backfire - Discipline Combination
Backfire (Dementation 4, Dominate 4, 20 XP):
A favored way of antagonizing Ventrue, this power makes a victim of Dominate follow their dominator's instructions… with a fatal twist. They do not maliciously disobey their orders, things just seem to… go all shades of wrong. However, the exact nature of the flop is beyond the Malkavian's prediction or power - it's random chaos.
The Malkavian must first know the subject is under the influence of Dominate (Auspex). They must spend a number of turns equal the dominator's Dominate in close proximity of the victim undetected (Obfuscate). Then they burn 1 Blood Point and roll their Manipulation + Authority (Difficulty being the dominator's Manipulation + Intimidation). For this power to work the Malkavian must score more successes than the dominator originally scored when breaking the subject's will with Dominate.
Botch = the Malkavian cannot use Dominate for the rest of the night.
0 successes = nothing happens,
:icontheairie:theAirie 3 3
Blood Mage by theAirie
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Blood Mage :icontheairie:theAirie 18 2
Clouds practice by theAirie Clouds practice :icontheairie:theAirie 3 0 Kitty by theAirie Kitty :icontheairie:theAirie 7 4


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Spring cleaning and update

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 18, 2017, 10:48 AM
I've been on this website for over 10 years. It was about time for an update.

Changed my username to something simpler and easier remember.

Got rid of several old and really bad pictures. 16 year old me did everything to be edgy while coming out as cringy.

Rearranged my folders and main page for easier navigation.

And also got back to drawing fancomics. Will submit something soon.

Over and out.

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Hello there, it has been quite a while! Slightly more than a year ago, you were a reader of a fic I had been publishing here on DA, The Kitten And The Wolf... and I sadly dropped off the face of the earth before actually FINISHING the project. However! I am back and once again updating the story. The first part finished out at 10 chapters and have been given their own folder in my gallery for easy reading, and part two, Mixing Beastblood, is well on its way as I have just published the sixth chapter today. 

I understand if you are no longer interested in reading the story, but I thought I might go about and tell old readers that OH DANG I'M ACTUALLY DOING THE THING AGAIN just in case. XD
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